6 Videos on The Impact of Convergence Between IT, Telecom and Media

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6 Videos on the future of telecoms

6 Videos on the future of telecoms

Jeff Cole of the Centre for the Digital Future and Strand Consult´s John Strand and Roslyn Layton discuss the impact of convergence between IT, telecom and media.

Over the last 18 years Strand Consult has published strategic research about telecommunications and how it converges with information technology and media. This journey has been described in a series of reports and research notes.  With some 170 mobile operators on our customer list, we have experience that few can match.

Over the 18 years we have worked with many interesting people. One the many experts with whom we have had many interesting discussions is Jeff Cole of the Center for the Digital Future.  Jeff and his team have conducted the largest and longest running longitudinal study on internet use and digital adoption. Begun in 2000 and now including over 30 countries, this World Internet Project provides valuable and unique insight.

John Strand and Roslyn Layton have spent time with Jeff Cole at conferences in different countries.  We caught up with Jeff in Copenhagen and made 6 exciting videos where the three of us discuss digital convergence and how it impacts the telecom, IT, and media industries in the future.

Here are the 6 videos:

1. Future of Cable TV – This discussion covers what happens to the current generation of college students and their TV consumption and how the TV market will adapt. Watch the video.

2. Future of Content – The movement of all content to the digital domain and the role of high definitions televisions, tablets and smartphones are discussed.  The future of telecom will be similar to the airline industry where consumers buy a basic package of services and then pay additionally for premium services. With lowered profits, there will be increased pressure for consolidation among carriers and network sharing. Watch the video.

Roslyn Layton interviews Jeff Cole of the Centre for the Digital Future

Roslyn Layton interviews Jeff Cole of the Centre for the Digital Future

3. Future of Ecommerce – Offline businesses such as bookstores, drugstores and electronics stores find it difficult. Other industries blend both online and offline commerce into their models. Game changers include Amazon Prime and the selling of fashion and automobiles online. Watch the video.

4. Future of Online News – The future of newspapers is the USA is bleak, but online news is going strong. The positive sides including less consumption of raw materials for production and fossil fuels for transport.  Now online news can compete with television for speed, and news companies can reach larger audiences than before. Watch the video.

5. Future of Advertising – More targeted advertising is inevitable, but the model can be improved with better disclosure for consumers, realistic privacy statements, tough penalties for violations, easy opt outs, and compensation for consumers. Watch the video.

6. Future of Internet and Tax – Google and various American internet companies have larger market shares in many countries outside the US than they have in the US, but they don’t conform to same tax and employment standards as their local country competitors. What are the impacts for taxation and employment in these countries? What policy approach should be taken in this situation?  Should internet players be left alone, or should they pay tax in the companies where they operate? Watch the video.

We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we can help to frame the issues and provide helpful perspectives.  In any case, you will learn something new from the videos.  To find out more about Strand Consult and its strategic reports or to hire Strand Consult for a presentation or workshop, please contact us.

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