BrainFriend partners with Nigerian State Ministry

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Brainfriend partners with Lagos State Ministry of Educations

BrainFriend partners with Lagos State Ministry of Educations

The Lagos State Ministry of Educations is partnering with a local software developer to boost its Computer Ownership Scheme designed to promote electronic teaching/learning in the state.

The state has adopted local education software known as BrainFriend to boost the scheme that is powered by the Nigerian Union of Teachers.

BrainFriend is an educational software solution that is developed to improve the lots of Nigerian teachers and students in pursuit of academic excellence. The software is an interactive educational tool that is built with 42 subjects and over 10,000 theorems, definitions and formula, and it is a sure bet for improved teaching and learning methods.

The aim of the computer ownership scheme is to motivate all teachers in Lagos State and beyond, as well as enhance electronic teaching/learning processes in the education sector. It is a scheme intended to encourage teachers to adapt to the e-classroom system, a new system that the educational sector is evolving into.

Meanwhile, 500 computers installed with the software, have already been distributed to the beneficiaries in the first phase of the scheme, while 44,500 more will be distributed at subsequent phases.

Lagos State Commissioner for Education, Mrs. Olayinka Oladunjoye, who was represented by the Permanent Secretary, Education District 1, Lagos State, Mrs. Victoria Mopelda Peregrino, disclosed that the scheme was a welcome development as it would help teachers adapt to the virtual learning environment, which is now a global phenomenon. “With this, Lagos teachers will now be part of the best practice in e-learning, which is fast replacing the now obsolete traditional teaching and learning methods,” she added.

She urged teachers to take the technology acquisition scheme seriously as failure to do so would render such teacher redundant in this technology age.
Speaking on the efficiency of the software, the Manager, Lagos branch of Cinfores, Mr. Moses Osunde said BrainFriend “is an e-learning software designed to aid teachers and students in the pursuit for academic excellence. Teachers could readily make use of in their teaching practice, while acquainting themselves with ICT.

With BrainFriend installed in these laptops, teachers will gain access to the national curriculum, and the teachers’ guide for various subjects, which will enhance proper preparation of their lesson notes as well as other teaching activities.” He said the product would exposed teachers and students to a wide range of questions (over 45,000) covering the Nigerian examination curriculum in 42 subjects.”

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