Cerner Has Acquired Labotix Automation Inc.

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Cerner acquires Labotix Automation Inc.

Cerner acquires Labotix Automation Inc.

Cerner (Kansas City, Mo, USA) have announced it has acquired Labotix® Automation Inc., (Ontario, Canada) a leading provider of flexible, open automation solutions for the clinical laboratory setting.

The combination of Cerner Millennium®, Cerner Copath, and Labotix Automation will create the most comprehensive set of capabilities on the market to support high volume testing.

Cerner’s mission is to contribute to the systemic improvement of health care delivery and the health of communities. “By aligning Labotix and Cerner® solutions, Cerner is uniquely positioned with its automation options to support clients focusing on increasing laboratory processing capacity while reducing error,” said Dr. John David Nolen, Managing Director of Laboratory Medicine for Cerner. “These capabilities are, and increasingly will be, important to organizations which have a business model for high volume or centralized laboratory business models.”

Labotix Automation is an open automation solution, meaning it will work with all best of breed devices currently on the market. With installations around the world that have been operating and evolving for more than twenty years, Labotix Automation has the experience, expertise and reliability necessary to meet the needs of any size laboratory.

Since its inception in 1991, Labotix Automation has steadily grown its presence in the laboratory automation market. Cerner, an industry-leading health care company, will immediately offer Labotix Automation solutions to clients around the world and expects to drive increased value for laboratories through integration with Cerner’s platforms.

“Cerner’s dedication to providing clinical organizations with reliable, flexible and continuous innovation, combined with Labotix’ automation solutions will further enable clinical laboratories to increase accuracy and efficiency to deliver better outcomes for individuals,” said John Gustafson, CEO of Labotix Automation.

The acquisition is not expected to have a material impact on Cerner’s 2013 financial results.

Source: Cerner

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