Conectys to provide long term multilingual support to global leader

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Conectys language services

Conectys to provide multilingual support

Conectys have announced the signing of a new long term Multilingual Customer Care and Technical Support outsourcing agreement with a global leader in sports precision instruments and equipment. The new Customer designs, manufactures and sells innovative products for divers, hikers, climbers and outdoor sports enthusiasts and professionals. The products are distributed in over 100 countries.

Conectys will provide customer support operations in eight languages, from Monday to Friday during business hours. Additionally, 24/7 assistance will be offered in English. Conectys professionals will provide support through multiple channels, including E-mail, Telephone and Chat. The agreement includes active monitoring and moderation of discussions on partner forums and social media platforms.

Conectys ran a highly customized hiring campaign focused on attracting multilingual customer support professionals passionate about sports such as climbing, hiking, snowboarding, skiing, running, biking, swimming and diving.

The service will go live after 2 weeks of intense indoor and outdoor training. This will ensure that the dedicated team will have acquired the theoretical and practical knowledge to offer expert and engaged customer service with a strong affinity to the sports community.

Conectys will assist potential customers, users, dealers, service points and internal customer business units. The main support topics consist of, but are not limited to: order processing, technical support for product usage and warranty claims.

As part of the agreement, Conectys will also offer transformation services among which: process optimization, setup and customization of a new hosted CRM solution.

Source: Conectys

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