F5 Launches LineRate® Product Line Focused on Delivering Solutions for DevOps

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F5 Networks (San Francisco, Ca, USA), have announced the launch of the LineRate® product line and the availability of its first software offering.

The LineRate application proxy software, running on commodity hardware or virtual machines, eliminates the need for DevOps to manually set up complex proxies or incorporate networking logic into applications, freeing their time to focus on core business logic and develop new value-added product capabilities. This will save companies significant time and effort when developing and deploying new or updated applications. Today, LineRate is available in a downloadable free tier.

The LineRate software makes it simple to create and deploy a broad range of complex networking functionality that helps DevOps scale, manage, and optimize their applications. With LineRate, DevOps can now solve complex problems such as steering and transforming XML/SOAP messages in the network and improving application testing by replicating real production traffic to their staging environment. Solutions like these are easy for developers to create with only a few lines of Node.js code deployed on LineRate’s scalable, high-performance software platform.

Node.js is a powerful JavaScript framework that is highly regarded for its event-driven, asynchronous model and ability to scale, and it has tens of thousands of open source modules that run within its framework. LineRate incorporates Node.js into its high-performance, highly scalable platform, enabling DevOps to support a variety of next-generation architectures that require highly programmable proxies, as well as to develop and deploy common services such as API metering and centralized authentication.

“We wanted to simplify difficult application-aware networking tasks so that developers can stay agile, both in their development practices and in rolling out new services. The LineRate product also lets them focus on the actual business logic rather than get bogged down by complex network-centric programming,” said Manish Vachharajani, Sr. Architect and LineRate co-founder.

LineRate Availability

Today, the complete LineRate product is being made available at linerate.f5.com with a rate-limited free tier. In early 2014, LineRate will launch a digital storefront where customers can purchase tiers of performance licenses on a subscription basis.

To learn more about how LineRate helps DevOps, or to download the product and get started immediately, please visit linerate.f5.com or submit a request to linerate-sales@f5.com.

F5 Synthesis™

To better support the DevOps community, F5 has developed a DevOps reference architecture to be available at the launch of the digital storefront in early 2014. This reference architecture is a part of F5 Synthesis, the company’s recently announced architectural vision for unified and real-time application delivery and management. F5 Synthesis includes a catalog of Software Defined Application Services™ (SDAS™) and reference architectures that enable customers to deliver device, network, and application services without constraints across data center, cloud, and hybrid environments.

About LineRate

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LineRate provides support for DevOps

Recognizing the importance of the DevOps movement to its customers, F5 acquired LineRate in February 2013. The LineRate application proxy software is the first product to be delivered post-acquisition. LineRate builds products that help DevOps teams simplify the deployment and management of network services, enabling them to spend less time on infrastructure so they can focus on creating and improving their most critical and revenue-generating applications. For more information, please visit linerate.f5.com.

About F5
F5 provides solutions for an application world. F5 helps organizations seamlessly scale cloud, data center, and software defined networking (SDN) deployments to successfully deliver applications to anyone, anywhere, at any time. F5 solutions broaden the reach of IT through an open, extensible framework and a rich partner ecosystem of leading technology and data center orchestration vendors. This approach lets customers pursue the infrastructure model that best fits their needs over time. The world’s largest businesses, service providers, government entities, and consumer brands rely on F5 to stay ahead of cloud, security, and mobility trends. For more information, go to f5.com.

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