Falcon Social Launches Real Time Marketing Performance

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Falcon Social launch real time marketing

Falcon Social launch real time marketing

Real Time Marketing (RTM) consists of reaching your target audience with the right message, at the right time, in the right social channel. To execute RTM, businesses need to be able to measure performance across Paid, Owned, and Earned Media hourly and act on it immediately.

Falcon (Copenhagen, Denmark) has established its reputation as a highly visual, social media management platform adopted by many European consumer brands. In addition, Falcon Social now tracks the organic performance of content in real-time enabling you, for the first time, to direct your budget to the highest performing content, whether branded or user-generated, as it starts to trend when its relevancy is greatest.

Ulrik Bo Larsen, CEO, Falcon Social

Ulrik Bo Larsen, CEO, Falcon Social

Ulrik Bo Larsen, CEO and Founder of Falcon Social comments: “The days when marketing departments planned out their marketing and PR activities six months ahead in collaboration with their media agencies, are long gone. Real Time Marketing is all about hourly relevancy. Staying connected to news and events happening as we speak – in real-time. Marketing departments need to be able to identify and react quickly to opportunities by posting relevant content on their own media channels or by converting user-generated content into earned media.”

Falcon Social´s clients can now track all their marketing efforts with highly graphical summary data showing the performance of individual posts to understand the quality of each unique piece of content by assessing the negative and positive interactions in real time.

Ulrik adds, to execute effectively in real time, many businesses have begun to move content marketing and social media management in-house: “Some of our clients have brought everything from the idea, creation and execution in-house and have, in some cases, employed new co-workers from the agency side, and some alternative skills which we have never seen in the marketing departments before such as journalists and even stand up comedians!”

Falcon Social has a built-in governance and team workflow model that enables organizations and their agencies to collaborate on the same platform. Working in the same environment is crucial to create the quick decision-making and to establish the cooperation which RTM demands. For organizations working with outsourced content management from Agency partners, the governance model and one-to-go platform is crucial in terms of Brand Management. Falcon Social has launched both a macro level dashboard with social KPIs, and a micro level service for insights and analyst teams to scrutinize.

The Falcon platform enables organizations to understand their unique time of day the content gains most reach and visibility, on-the-spot results on ad spend, when to push that extra effort to extend content reach and pick up what content goes viral across paid, owned and earned efforts. It’s all about the optimal approach to a specific target group at a particular time and place.

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