Five-star app makes it easier for future students at SDU to choose courses

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SDU app

SDU App 

Last year, the University of Southern Denmark launched an app which makes it easy for future students to explore the many educational opportunities in an easy and simple way. The app receives five out of five stars possible in the App Store and its success is so huge that SDU has now decided to divide the app into a Danish and an international version. The division will also give room for more content and new unique features.

The mobile application contains SDU’s educational guide which makes it possible for future students to browse through all SDU courses, search for the courses on the basis of themes based on areas of interest or make a specific search on the basis of name or town. Furthermore, the app provides the future students with information about admission requirements, quotas, how to apply, information about the various campus towns and much more. Some of the information is based on great visual features such as the campus map which shows where in Denmark the various campus towns are located.

In addition, the app provides the opportunity of gaining an insight into the life as a student in the form of videos in which the students tell about everything from study technique to the social life on campus. Last but not least, SDU uses the Facebook integration to display the dynamic study environment. All educations include a small Facebook icon which links to the relevant facebook group and it is therefore possible for the future students to quickly become part of a study-related community.

SDU is now ready with an updated version of the application which has been developed in a Danish and an international version. Although SDU’s app is not an actual webshop, conversion is still incorporated as an essential element in the updated version. For example, a ‘Search now’ button has been added to each individual education description which makes it possible for the future students to apply for admission to the education right away.

The international version of the app has been developed funded by the project International Brainstormers which was launched in 2012 by the EU and the University of Southern Denmark. The purpose of the project is to recruit international students who will not only obtain an educational degree in Denmark but will also be matched with a Danish company in which they have to prepare a company project as part of their education. In this way, the students are given a unique opportunity to obtain study-relevant work experience, become integrated in Danish society and the culture and will subsequently have a much better chance of getting a job.

The Danish as well as the international version of the SDU app were launched for both iPhone and Android at the end of February in time for the admission months prior to the start of the term in September 2013.

Source: hedel: kruse: brohus

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