Five suppliers pre-qualified for IT healthcare platform in Denmark

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Five suppliers pre-qualified for IT healthcare platform in Denmark

The Capital Region of Denmark and Region Zealand’s new IT Healthcare Platform is now one step closer to becoming a reality with five pre-qualified suppliers. The IT Healthcare platform is a new and modern IT platform that will replace the core functionality of the existing clinical systems in hospitals in the two regions and provide new opportunities for communication, patient involvement and collaboration across sectors.

In September this year the Capital Region of Denmark and Region Zealand submitted request for pre pre-qualification in public tender. Tn October eight vendors has submitted their prequalification applications. All eight candidates have now been thoroughly evaluated for financial and technical capability and their ability to deliver the product and five suppliers are prequalified for the tender.

The pre-qualified suppliers are:

  • Cerner Ireland Ltd.
  • Epic
  • Cambio Healthcare Systems AB
  • Siemens A / S
  • IBM Denmark ApS

Svend Hartling, CEO, The Capital Region of Copenhagen

The IT Healthcare platform is a large and complex IT solution, and it places a number of requirements for the company to provide the solution. It has therefore been crucial to us that the prequalified suppliers have both the technical experience with solutions and IT systems for health care and economic solidity to carry out a task of this magnitude. And it has the five companies able to demonstrate, says CEO Sven Hartling, The Capital Region of Denmark.

The IT Healthcare platform is a new and modern IT platform that will replace the core functionality of current systems in the Capital Region of Denmark (H-EPR) and Region Zealand (OPUS) with a more flexible and open system. The IT Healthcare platform will be based on an effective and comprehensive standard framework solution that allows you to bring hospitals in both regions up to a very high IT standards. Healthcare staff job functions will become all electronic, and improved patient treatment will the be primary objective of the investment.

Lars Onsberg Henriksen, CEO, Region Zealand

In the first place, it has been about finding five suppliers who meet our formal requirements. Next step is a dialogue phase, which begins in January 2013. Here we will enter into a dialogue with its suppliers to ensure that we are going to hit the mark in the requirements specification. During the dialogue phase, three suppliers will be selected to tender phase. It will be an exciting process for all suppliers are strong players in the market for healthcare IT solutions, says CEO Lars Onsberg Henriksen, Region Zealand.


With IT Healthcare Platform, the healthcare personnel access to all data on the individual patient. This is to ensure consistency of treatment across sectors. At the same time, the patient receives a greater role in their own cure by getting access to all information and to book times for treatment and even enter information in IT Healthcare Platform. The new platform comes into pilot operation in 2014 in the Capital Region of Denmark and expected to be commissioned in early 2015 throughout the Region Zealand and continuously towards the end of 2016 in the rest of the Capital Region of Denmark.


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