Flexera Software Acquires SCCM Expert

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Flexera acquire SCCM Expert

Flexera Software, (Chicago, Illinois, USA) an Independent Software Vendor providing Application Usage Management solutions for application producers and enterprises, has announced the acquisition of SCCM Expert, (USA), a Microsoft Gold Partner and founding member of the Microsoft System Center Alliance. SCCM Expert markets solutions that empower employees with on-demand software provisioning through an enterprise app store while providing IT complete visibility into their software assets.

The acquisition helps IT management better deliver and manage the ‘consumerization of IT’ by providing enterprise users with a powerful app store portal to access and download on-premises, Cloud-based or virtualized enterprise applications anytime, anywhere, and tools to help IT maintain control,  ensure accountability and software compliance.  SCCM Expert Self Service delivers on-demand software request, approval routing and provisioning accessed through an app store that looks and feels familiar to users of consumer app store sites.

Mark Bishof, Flexera CEO

“We are thrilled about this acquisition because SCCM Expert’s superior products, technology and expertise complement our solutions and help broaden our vision for enabling and supporting management of the consumerization of IT,” said Mark Bishof, Flexera Software’s chief executive officer.  “Self Service gives more power to users by automating software request management and delivery while ensuring centralized control and software license optimization through tracking of software assets from initial purchase to software audit compliance.”

Self Service aligns with Flexera Software’s Application Readiness solution, AdminStudio Suite, which enables user-centric computing and support for the consumerization of IT by preparing and deploying applications for Windows 7 migrations and for use in traditional physical infrastructures, virtualized environments and the Cloud.  Self Service will take continual Application Readiness one step further by giving end users an internal app store portal for quick and easy download of enterprise apps to their platform or device of choice, while eliminating the time and cost ordinarily involved with manual IT requests.

The SCCM Expert acquisition also helps organizations maintain software license optimization and compliance as they move towards the consumerization of IT.  Software entitlement data from FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises, Flexera Software’s Enterprise License Optimization solution, could be used to control what applications appear in the Self Service app store, and when software licenses for those applications are available.  Likewise, data from Self Service about fulfilled application requests could be used as input into ongoing software license management and optimization.

“The synergies of this acquisition are tremendous and will enable enterprises to implement user-centric, app store  computing models for applications running on premises, on devices, in virtualized environments and in the Cloud,” said John Juris, SCCM Expert’s chief executive officer. “IT as a Service for applications can become a reality through the combination of Self Service, AdminStudio Suite and FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises.”

Source: Flexware

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