FOXit puts the power into projects for Mr Price

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FOXit powers Mr Price projects

FOXit powers Mr Price projects

FOXit, (Centurion, South Africa) an independent software vendor and Microsoft-certified Gold Partner across numerous competencies within the Microsoft Partner Network, has served as the premier provider of project and portfolio management technology to its client and South African retailer, Mr Price.

Project and portfolio management is considered a primary focus and core component of FOXit’s service delivery. As an experienced services partner in the increasingly competitive ICT and Microsoft-based technology space, FOXit’s speciality lies in showcasing the benefits of strategically placed project and portfolio management systems and how this can help grow business.

The company concentrates primarily on the careful and cunning use of resources to enhance operations and serves as an expert consultant to clients on how to achieve this.

Mr Price required a system that would facilitate visibility and help the company track the progress of projects and capture demand and relevant prioritisation. This was important because the company was not able to see which resources were assigned to projects and at what percentage.

FOXit has implemented and overseen the integration of a project and portfolio management system in the form of its flagship offering, PIVOTit, which would put in place what the company calls ‘a single version of truth’.

FOXit COO Anita Potgieter

FOXit COO Anita Potgieter

“This means that all information is captured in one place and is a far more streamlined, effective approach to project information collation and application,” explains Anita Potgieter, Chief Operating Officer at FOXit. “Where in the past, the IT department maintained an Excel spreadsheet on SharePoint detailing all upcoming work as well as status updates on projects that are in progress, they are now able to capture all information directly on the system. This eliminates the need to send the spreadsheet around for updates and then collating all the information into one. One version of the truth means all information is now captured in one place and no longer in several different files or documents,” she adds.

Today, Mr Price management is assured of technology that allows them comprehensive visibility of all IT projects (from concept to closure), the ability to prioritise ideas or potential projects according to strategic drivers, as well as visual resource management across IT projects.

Executive management at Mr Price confirmed that the EPM solution has been very well received in the company and has already made a significant difference to operations.

Republished with permission from Micro-Zone

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