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Welcome in many languagesThe TBK Consult crew is gathered in Barcelona, Spain this week. We are having our semi annual internal Synergy Conference.

In April 2013 we were in Istanbul, Turkey. This time Barcelona is hosting our get together.

For a full week we will be reviewing our experience with helping software companies grow and assume global leadership.

Today, Thursday, we will have internal “speed dating”. We will be running an AIDA workshop. We will review case stories and we will run a workshop discussing the objectives and content of version 5 of

AIDA – not the opera!

AIDA is the very old abbreviation of Awareness -> Interest -> Desire -> Action.

AIDA modelIt is a simple description of the purchase process.

Also at TBK Consult we must constantly work on optimizing our AIDA process. As management consultants we prefer working on client assignments, on developing our skills and on developing improved approaches for what we do. Spending time and money on awareness building, on converting awareness to interest, on developing desire and on securing actions is necessary, but should be as effective as possible.

There is a dramatic need for our services. However, most of our potential clients have no or very little tradition and experience with engaging an external management consultant. We share this situation with most of our clients, who also have value propositions, which are new to the market. Thus, we must eat our own “dog food” and find ways to optimize our own AIDA process, exactly as we do it with our clients.

As any other commercial organization, we work to drive down the ratio between gross margin and cost of sales.

One of the huge benefits from working as a group as opposed to working individually is our ability to share and pool. We are 25 consultants sharing ONE web site, ONE blog, ONE publishing activity, ONE Academy activity, ALL templates in ONE archive, ALL testimonials and so on.

Together we generate more than 125.000 visits to our web sites every month.  Visitors download our fulfillment vehicles and visitors sign up to our newsletters.

However, management consulting is a relationship business. Converting awareness into interest, desire and action must be done by the individual consultant.  Again, as a group we can help and coach each other. We can constantly improve our own approaches and become steadily more productive for ourselves and for our clients.

The TBK Consult web sites

Our web sites are obviously extremely important. Many of our clients learn about TBK Consult by visiting the web sites. All our potential clients pay visits to our web sites getting confirmation on our value propositions.

The current TBK Consult main web site (version 4) was released more than two years ago. It is time for a redesign.  At this Synergy we will run a workshop giving all TBK Consult partners the opportunity to chip in on the strategy and the content of the web site.

About TBK Consult

TBK Consult is the only management consulting company in the world with experience in taking software companies from multiple countries to multiple counties.

We help Italian software companies into Turkey, Germany, and The Nordics etc. We help Estonian software companies into The Nordics, Benelux, Germany etc. We help Finnish & Luxembourg companies into the UK, German, and Sweden etc. We help Danish companies into Turkey, Sweden, Norway, the UK, and Germany etc. We help US companies into Europe.

I think you get the picture.

At TBK Consult we do not  have a vested interest in any specific country. We help our clients identify those markets and apply the sequence that makes most sense and promises the best rewards for their investments.

TBK Consult is a group of independent business development executives. We operate on the basis that our clients pay for the value we provide.


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