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TBK Logo _500x400The TBK Consult crew is gathered in Barcelona, Spain this week.

We are having our semi annual internal Synergy Conference.

In April 2013 we were in Istanbul, Turkey. This time Barcelona is hosting our get together.

For a full week we will be reviewing our experience with helping software companies grow and assume global leadership.

Today, Wednesday, we will have a plenary session and the shareholders meeting.

The plenary session will be used for introducing new partners. We will review the plans for the rest of 2013 and for 2014. We will have a number of case story sessions and we will be discussing how to expand the TBK Consult network.

TBK Consult – The Loosely Coupled Network

Steen Helmer

“TBK Consult is NOT a company. We have no management structure and we spend absolutely no funds and efforts on anything that does not translate directly into value for our clients” Steen Helmer, Executive Partner and member of the advisory board at TBK Consult Holding ApS

TBK Consult is a “loosely coupled network” of independent management consultants. Most of us are “refugees” from the corporate executives offices.

We are all senior executives, who enjoy working on challenging business development projects, but have no need for a boss and do not enjoy spending time on people management and corporate politics.

We drive projects, we speak our mind and we generate results.

At TBK Consult we work together helping  ambitious software companies achieve growth and global market leadership. This is what we enjoy and this is what we are good at.

However, TBK Consult is NOT a company. We have no management structure and we spend absolutely no funds and effort on anything that does not translate directly into value for our clients.

Expanding the TBK Consult network is no trivial task. Finding the executives and management consultants who can survive without a boss, who can create results with the clients and who see the potential in a “loosely coupled network” of independent management consultants is a time consuming activity. We get plenty of applications, but 99% are not qualified.

Most applicants cannot demonstrate the experience and the drive.

Most applicants do not possess the self-esteem and qualities required to work without a fixed monthly salary.

The Up or Out Concept

GlobalizingThe traditional management consulting companies all work the same way. A number of senior rainmakers sell big ticket consulting projects. Junior and senior consultants work on these projects for a fixed salary putting in a lot of hours. Over time the junior and senior consultants are expected to grow up though the ranks and become senior rainmakers (partners) themselves. If that doesn’t happen they will leave the company.

This concept is called “up or out!”

The TBK Consult model is completely different.

TBK Consult is a “loosely coupled network” of rainmakers. We share the brand, we share the projects and we share the company, but we do not pay anyone a fixed salary and we never will. We engage subcontractors on a “by need” basis and external contractors run all our internal functions. We can terminate any external contractor with one month´s notice.

The Internet and cloud based services have enabled the TBK Consult business model. However, it takes senior rainmakers to take full advantage of the platform.

The objectives of the TBK Consult platform are very simple:

  • Provide substantial value to our software industry clients in a minimum 10:1 relationship between value to the client and the fee to us.
  • Reduce all cost which does not provide value for the clients.
  • Provide the TBK Consult partners a business execution platform with no boss, no people management requirements and no corporate politics.

About TBK Consult

TBK Consult is the only management consulting company in the world that has experience with taking software companies from multiple countries to multiple counties.

We help Italian software companies into Turkey, Germany, The Nordics etc. We help Estonian software companies into The Nordics, Benelux, Germany etc. We help Finnish & Luxembourg companies into the UK, Germany, Sweden etc. We help Danish companies into Turkey, Sweden, Norway, the UK, Germany etc. We help US companies into Europe.

I think you get the picture.

At TBK Consult we do not  have a vested interest in any specific country. We help our clients identify those markets and apply the sequence that makes most sense and promises the best rewards for their investments.

TBK Consult is a group of independent business development executives. We operate on the basis that our clients pay for the value we provide.


TBK Consult: Why Our Clients Use Us from Hans Peter Bech on Vimeo.

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