German BPO Tropper selects ReadSoft to Optimize Operations in 405,000 EUR Deal

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ReadSoft selected by German BPO

ReadSoft selected by German BPO

ReadSoft Germany has reached a 5-year agreement with Tropper Data Service AG, a leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider. The deal was signed in the third quarter of 2013, and includes licenses and services, with a total project value of EUR 405,000.

Tropper is a leading German service provider in the area of data and document processing. With over 300 employees in five locations, the company provides comprehensive services in the field of management, information and document management. Tropper processes millions of documents each year for businesses from many different industries and sectors.

As part of a consolidation of its infrastructure, Tropper has decided to use ReadSoft’s XBOUND as its central platform for their high-volume processing needs. It offers cross- platform integration, including ReadSoft OCR and capture components. Tropper chose the ReadSoft solution due to its high automation rates, real-time overview of all processes and service level agreements, and flexibility.

Andreas Tropper, CEO of Tropper Data Service AG, says, “We need to ensure day-to-day safety, quality and on-time delivery for up to 100 clients’ projects. With ReadSoft XBOUND we can guarantee that, so we opted for this solution.”

Per Åkerberg, President and CEO, Readsoft

Per Åkerberg, President and CEO, Readsoft

Per Åkerberg, President and CEO of ReadSoft, says the agreement with Tropper highlights again how the XBOUND solution can play a huge part in the success of Business Process Outsourcers. “Our solution offers a scalable, efficient and flexible production platform so BPOs can quickly adapt to changing market needs. We are excited to be able to help this company provide fast, reliable and accurate services to their customers, and look forward to working with them in the years ahead,” says Per Åkerberg.

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