Good bye Steve Jobs

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Good bye Steve Jobs

I didn’t know Steve Jobs personally.  But I felt I did.  The videos from the famous Apple press conferences were always on the top of my list of items to watch.  And they were the few videos that I watched to the end. No only because of Steve Jobs.  The other guys on his team do brilliant presentations also.

3 years ago I replaced all my IT gear with Apple. Thus, today I am the happy owner of several iPods, an iPhone, an iPad, a MacBook Pro and several AirPort devices.  I never really got used to Pages, Numbers and Keynote, so I still use Microsoft Word, Excel and occasionally PowerPoint.

What Steve Jobs did for Apple was amazing.

What he did for me is also amazing: I had an MP3 player before I got my iPod, I had a HTC/Windows phone before I got my iPhone, I had a PC before I got my MacBook Pro and I had nothing before I got my iPad.  Apart from the iPad every other Apple device is replacing something else which is basically serving the same purpose.  So what have changed?

The user experience – the feeling – the joy

I enjoy driving my Volvo and I enjoy using my Apple gear.  It just works. Well, my iPhone broke down recently – in Italy. 15 minutes on the phone (Skype on my iPad) and 3 days later I received a new iPhone in the mail back home in Denmark. I plugged the new iPhone into iTunes and was asked if I wanted to restore my old iPhone to the new iPhone? Yes, please.  15 minutes later I was back in business again.

Has my productivity improved?  (Do I get faster from A to B in my Volvo than in my previous SAAB?)  Not everything in life can be measured by productivity.  However, my perception is that the MacBook Pro is must faster than my previous IBM ThinkPad and it never crashes. I feel more productive.

I have the Apple logo on the back of my Volvo.  People think I work for Apple. In some ways I do.  I promote their brand. Because I am a happy customer.

Rest in Peace Steve Jobs.  You made a dent in the universe.

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