Happy New Year

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Happy New Year

We wish all our readers a happy New Year. May 2012 fulfill your ambitions and bring joy, happiness, fun and prosperity to you and those you care about.

This blog grew its’ readership from 41.000 visitors in 2010 to almost 120.000 visitors in 2011. In December 2011 we had close to 18.000 visitors. Some of our readers also visit the TBK Consult corporate web site and many visitors download the whitepapers, case stories and FactSheets we make available here.

Thank you to all of you for spending your valuable time with us and we do hope that the information we provide is useful for you and your business.

Who are our readers?

Who are our readers?

Well, we don’t know. We have decided to take away all forms to be filled and we ask no questions, when you download a document or sign up for notification mails.

Does that mean we don’t care about who you are?

Absolutely not. The TBK Consult web site and the TBK blog is primarily for the Independent Software Vendor abbreviated the [slider title=”ISV.”] An ISV is any software company who owns most of the  Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) to the software they provide their customers. These companies are ISVs: Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Computer Associates, SimCorp, WPA Mobile, CSC Scandihealth, Apple, Nolio, IBM, Scanjour and hundred of thousands other software companies around the world. [/slider]

What do ISVs have in common and what are their challenges?

This question is hanging on the wall of the TBK “editorial room” and every day we are filtering out information and content to zoom in on those bits, which we believe will bring most value to our ISV readers.

Our focus is on the issues related with getting global market coverage. With international market penetration. With internationalization. This is reflected in our corporate pay off: “Globalizing the software industry”

The world is a global place

We believe that getting global coverage is crucial for any ISV. All software markets have “winner takes all” characteristics. The benefits of being #1 are so substantial that any ISV must be driving for this position. The disadvantages of being #2, #3, #4, …#45,… #156 etc. are getting increasingly devastating.

Not all software markets are global – yet! But the protection provided by local language, local legislation, local market requirements and loyalty from a domestic installed base diminish day by day. Technologies and services are continuously being developed making software localization ever less expensive. System Integrators and Value Added Resellers are prepared to take new and competitive software solutions and business models to their local markets competing with the local ISV’s. And the reach of the Internet have made more and more customers comfortable with getting software and associated support from someone, who may not be operating from around the corner.

The world is getting smaller and bigger at the same time. This is representing an enormous opportunity for the ambitions ISV and a steady increasingly challenge for the cautious and local focused ISV.

Our 2012 promise

We will continue to write about issues and developments, which we believe are of relevance to the ambitious ISV and which are associated with their efforts with globalization. In 2011 we wrote 131 posts and we intend to break that record in 2012.

You may want to subscribe to the content we provide? You can do so by subscribing to our RSS feed or by joining our e-mail notification service, which we introduced just recently.

Thank you for visiting us and we look forward to serving you in 2012.

Hans Peter Bech, Group CEO, TBK Consult.



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