Highnet Smart Notification system deployed by Jaynet

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Highnet Systems SNS++ is adopted by worldwide tech companies

Highnet Systems SNS++ is adopted by worldwide tech companies

End-to-end deployment of the Highnet Smart Notification system by a Nordic IT company is the latest example of Highnet’s success in enterprise data centers.

Highnet Systems Ltd., (Petach Tikva, Israel) a pioneer in notification management and delivery solution for ICT companies have announced that Jaynet (Copenhagen, Denmark) has deployed its advanced alert management solution.

Arik Ben Dov, CEO, Mind

Arik Ben Dov, CEO, Highnet Systems

Arik Ben Dov, Highnet Systems CEO, said. “Jaynet purchasing of SNS++ is a validation of Highnet Systems alert solution value proposition of making sure that only valid alerts are delivered to the right people, at the right time.  We are proud of the fact that Jaynet joins a growing list of international companies that deployed our alert management solution.”

Jaynet Operations Manager, Miljan Dedic, believes that Highnet Systems alert management solution, SNS++, would enable its organizations to significantly increase operational resilience by treating these alerts as soon as they are issued.

Consequently, Highnet Systems alert management solution helps to reduce downtime and system failures due to ineffective alerts management and consequently enhances IT Quality of service.

Jaynet Operations Manager, Miljan Dedic, said that “Jaynet would leverage Highnet’s alert management solution to reach the next level of management efficiency and optimization for our Data Center environment.”

Jan de BlanckJan De Blanck , Executive Partner of TBK Consult-Denmark said that “I am delighted that Jaynet has chosen to purchase SNS++  which has shown a strong value proposition and offers fast return on investment–absolute requirements for a purchase decision in today’s competitive enterprise IT market.

About Jaynet

JAYNET (www.jay.net) was founded in March 2000 in Copenhagen and is a 100% Danish owned company.

Jaynet is one of the major service providers within in the backbone, telephony and outsourcing arena. Its operations center is considered as one of the première and most modern data centers in Denmark.

In 2011 Jaynet received the Gazelle Prize of 5 consecutive yeas of growth.

Contact: Miljan Dedic
Operations Manager

About Highnet Systems
Highnet Systems (http://www.highnetsystems.com) a privately held company headquartered in Petach Tikva, Israel, with presence in the Europe and the Middle East and a development center in Israel. Highnet systems’ Advanced Notification System (SNS++) has been adopted by leading International organizations such as: IBM, HP, Orange, HSBC, Telefonica Digital, Nice Systems and Teva Pharmaceuticals,

Contact: Arik Ben Dov
CEO, Highnet Systems
Tel: +972-3-9223284



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