Hubert Glass Oil saves $300,000 using Sage Inventory Advisor

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Companies save using Sage

Companies save using Sage

Sage North America have announced that Hubert Glass Oil Company of Jacksonville, Texas, has saved over $300,000 and transformed its purchasing process in just a five-month span by using Sage Inventory Advisor with Sage 100 ERP.

Sage Inventory Advisor is a cloud-based subscription solution with powerful forecasting and planning capabilities designed to specifically address many of the complex supply chain and inventory challenges faced by businesses like Hubert Glass Oil.

Hubert Glass Oil is a busy fuel and oil distributor serving dealerships, retail stores, and repair facilities throughout Eastern Texas. Like all distributors, Hubert Glass Oil strives to ensure it carries the right mix of products in the right quantities to satisfy customers’ demands without overstocking.

“We buy many products in bulk and repackage those products for retail sale. The same component item might be used in multiple products. This tremendously complicated our ability to track inventory usage and forecast sales,” explained Les Johnson, controller for Hubert Glass Oil.

Hubert Glass Oil distributes throughout Eastern Texas

Hubert Glass Oil distributes throughout Eastern Texas

The ability to accurately forecast sales has proven valuable for Hubert Glass Oil. Sage Inventory Advisor calculates the expected revenue associated with top-selling items and the revenue losses associated with stock outages of those items. The solution has replaced the various tools and reports that the company had previously used to make purchasing decisions.

“Having this information so easily and clearly available means we’re able to take action sooner, avoiding those stock outages and ensuring we can fulfill on our customers’ orders. In just five months, Sage Inventory Advisor has saved Hubert Glass Oil in excess of $300,000,” stated Johnson. “The average savings come from an overall reduction in inventory thanks to our ability to order just what we need, just in time. Consequently, we’ve weeded out slow-selling items and are focusing on the high-volume, high-profit items.”

Sage Inventory Advisor integrates with Sage ERP systems to provide companies with a daily diagnostic of inventory, reduce time spent on forecasts, and resolve the optimal investment required to achieve target fill. The solution is fast to implement and accessible in a web browser and on mobile devices. Announced in June 2013, Sage Inventory Advisor is currently available for those businesses running Sage 100 ERP, Sage 300 ERP, Sage 500 ERP and Sage ERP X3.

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