IAMCP Seminar on “Internationalization: Brazil” was a huge success

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IAMCP Portugal

IAMCP Portugal

Internationalization: Brazil was the motto for the 1st IAMCP – Portugal seminar. IAMCP Portugal is officially launched and stands for P2P networking between Microsoft partners all over the world.

Overcoming adversity is a major characteristic of Microsoft Channel Partners, especially in countries where the global crisis has had a larger impact such as Italy, Spain and Portugal. Despite the unfavourable economic climate, Portuguese IT companies continue to thrive and generate profits, securing jobs and leading the way, personifying an example to follow to many other industries.

Crossing country boundaries and opening or merely developing a stream of international business has been part of the agenda of C-level executives for quite some time now. Portugal is an open economy and its human resources are highly skilled and extremely professional delivering high quality technology and services.

Portuguese easily adapt to any society in the world. For centuries, we have been doing just that.

IAMCP Speakers

IAMCP Speakers

This was the motto of the first event organized by IAMCP – Portugal (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners). IAMCP is a global association that brings together Microsoft Partners providing a platform for peer-to-peer networking.

The event took place at Microsoft headquarters in Lisbon and was organized with the theme “Internationalization: Brazil”. Brazil is currently the 6th largest economy in the world, and IAMCP has created conditions for a conversation about the current opportunities and challenges for Portuguese companies who intend to take one step further in that direction.

After the opening by João Couto, General Manager of Microsoft Portugal, that stressed the importance of this subject and his interpretation towards the preparedness of Portuguese to be successful abroad, a series of specialists discussed the business climate in Brazil, approaches to deal with fiscal and legal issues, and two Microsoft Partners also shared their experience in the Brazilian market, inspiring the audience.

Sergio Baptista, President, IAMCP Portugal

Sérgio Baptista, President, IAMCP Portugal

This seminar was the first in a series of activities planned for this year that IAMCP Portugal will organize. Networking events, such as this one, are just one side to IAMCP activities, including training sessions for members, participation in discussions with policy makers and other stakeholders around the adoption of technology. In these events we do not aim to provide a final answer/view on any of the subjects being dealt with, but instead, our goal is to create an environment for these subjects to be discussed among partners, experiences and aspirations shared between them and hopefully generate business from it.

Judging from the feedback of the c.60 Microsoft partners present at the seminar, as well as the Microsoft colleagues that also attended, at IAMCP we are already proud of the results.

IAMCP delegates

IAMCP delegates

This crowd of Microsoft partner executives stands for the “Positive Portugal” that endures, persists and takes action against adversity, and it feels great to be service to them.

Sérgio Baptista is the President of IAMCP Portugal


Facts About Brazil


Area: 8.514.876,599 km²

Population: 198.000.000 (2012 expectation)

Currency: Real (R$)

GDP: (Millions USD) $ 2,490,000

Inflation: 5,84 %

Main Production:

Agricultural: Soya, Orange, Sugar-Cane, Coffee, Tobacco, and Corn

Animal: Beef, Chicken and Pork

Mineral: Iron, Aluminium, Manganese, Magnesium and Steel.

Main Industries: Food & Beverage, Chemical, Automobile, Machines & Equipment, Basic Metallurgical, Rubber & plastic, Electronic, Paper & Cellulose.


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