International Go-to-Market in the Software Industry – Two Case Stories

 In Business Model Management, Entering Foreign Markets, Industry News

TBK Consult has published a whitepaper with the title: Designing Successful International go-to-market strategies.  The whitepaper is written with a focus on software companies with long value chains.  Two case stories illustrates how different approaches you can take, but also how patient and persistent you must be.

The white paper has been written for the CEO and the board of directors of software companies which are already working internationally or are about to embark on an international endeavor.

The white paper addresses software companies with long and comprehensive value chains.  This includes companies with solutions which require a considerable amount of sales effort, customization, consulting, implementation support and on-going support.  For software companies in this category, the software itself is typically less than 50% of total project and customer lifetime value.

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