International Inbound Lead Generation

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You have a great product with international potential. You are ahead of the competition and can demonstrate great value from using your product. Your window of opportunity is maybe 18 to 24 months before the competition catches up.

However, you only have a small budget.

Also, you don’t know which countries offer the best potential. It depends on several factors. Such as local market requirements, the competitive situation and the innovation adoption rate. You could find out by performing a market analysis. But again, that takes time and costs money.

Without making big investments, how can you get the attention of potential customers abroad and make them reach out to you?

That is the subject of my new e-book International Inbound Lead Generation.

The book gives you the 10-step process for becoming a thought leader within your subject matter domain and explains how to use this position to drive quality traffic worldwide to your website.

The e-book is about top-of-funnel lead generation for B2B software with long sales cycles when you do not have a big budget.

It explains how you can design, implement, and operate an organic thought leadership program that enables potential customers to find and engage with you.

The program will also help you move traffic through the funnel, but the prime objective of this e-book is to explain how it can generate awareness and interest at the top.

The e-Book was initially published as a webinar organised and produced by YASAD, the non-governmental organisation representing the software sector in Turkey. Thank you to Gönül Kamali for hosting and producing the webinar and to Burak Neslitürk from Qualified ONE for the moderation.

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