Italian Messagenet contests Microsoft’s purchase of Skype

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Messagenet protesting Skype acquisition by Microsoft

Messagenet (Milan, Italy) has submitted a protest against the Microsoft acquisition of Skype.

Messagenet wants Microsoft to “unbundle” Skype from Windows. Thus Messagenet is urging the European competition authorities to require Microsoft to effectively open Skype’s Internet phone network, which had 124 million regular users in June 2011, to the services of rivals. Messagenet is asking the commission to do this by requiring Microsoft to disclose the confidential computer coding that would enable rival services to connect calls to Skype users.

Messagenet (part of the COMM2000 group) is a providing on-line commercialization of Internet fax, SMS messaging and VoIP services, with more than 390,000 registered users, one million faxes managed per month and more than 95,000 VoIP telephone numbers assigned (April 2011).

Source: The New York Times

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