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Why – our clients are using us

Are you an experienced information technology revenue generation professional considering a career as an independent business advisor or are you already running a successful solo or boutique consulting activity?

Would you like to review the benefits of running your operation under the TBK Consult brand umbrella?

Hans Peter Bech

Hans Peter Bech

Get in touch with me today so we can discuss the benefits you can enjoy by joining the TBK Consult network of seasoned business advisors for the information technology industry.

Hans Peter Bech
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How – we operate

Growing fast means getting many customers fast.

Our clients need results fast. They have no time for laborious strategy projects and no need for thick reports collecting dust on their shelves.

However, they do need to think before they act and they do need management consulting to avoid the obvious pitfalls that moving into new territory always presents.

Our customers need strategic consulting, solid core business models and they need the ability to implement their business model in numerous markets in parallel.

With our management consulting services our customers can use the agile business model management framework that enables them to think fast and act fast.

What – we do

Our clients are in a hurry and they know that no one can predict the future. They also know that no plan will survive the meeting with reality.

Therefore, our clients have a strong inclination for testing assumptions against reality, learn and then correct if and when required. Some people call this approach agile, but we just call it common sense.

When your limiting resources are your time and your cash position, then you take small steps until you are on solid ground before you scale. Making big and costly mistakes are not options in our client’s toolbox.

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