Mobile World Capital Encourages Mobile-Related Companies to Locate to Barcelona

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MWCB launches Barcelona Mobile Soft Landing

MWCB launches Barcelona Mobile Soft Landing

The Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWCB) Foundation launches Barcelona Mobile Soft Landing, an initiative designed to encourage mobile-related businesses and growing start-ups to open offices in the city.

Barcelona Mobile Soft Landing is designed for companies that wish to take advantage of the area and networking potential boasted by the mobile world capital.

The Seville-based technology consultancy Sdos and France’s Ikomobi have established themselves at the Barcelona Growth Centre, the former Media/ITC building.

Barcelona Mobile Soft Landing is a program providing support to technological projects so that they initially set up shop in Barcelona and can grow and develop in the area. To this end MWCB offers its facilities to companies aligned with the strategy of the Foundation, facilitating access to knowledge about the area, networking, and participation in the entity’s activities and projects.

Companies at the Barcelona Growth Centre, the former Media-TIC building, may occupy spaces for up to four people and are subject to a time limit of 18 months, the approximate time necessary to adapt to the area and get their new activity off the ground in the city. In this way the program favors rotation and the systematic entry of new companies wishing to settle in Barcelona.

The attraction of mobile potential to the mobile capital

BarcelonaMobile World Capital Barcelona’s new initiative kicks off with the presence of two companies: Sdos, a Seville-based technology firm founded in 2008 which offers consulting, development and system integration services; and Ikomobi, a French agency specialized in the development of mobile solutions for stores and the retail sector, which will promote the company’s internationalization from Barcelona.

The arrival of Sdos and Ikomobi comes in addition to the presence of NXP, the Dutch manufacturer of NFC technology chips, one of the first companies that opted to take advantage of MWCB’s facilities. Another business that chose to locate at MWCB is the Taiwanese software company Toro. In a manner similar to the model featured by the Barcelona Mobile Soft Landing program, Toro was present for a few months at MWCB’s facilities, where it received help and advice before going on to grow in the city with its own offices and resources.

About Ikomobi

Ikomobi is a “native mobile” agency specialized in assisting its clients to understand how mobile devices change the way companies relate to their customers and collaborators, and how to adapt to these changes.

Since its foundation in Lille (France) in 2009, Ikomobi’s activity has been focused on helping its clients to investigate, imagine and define optimal mobile strategies, developing their presence through mobile websites, applications (smartphones and tablets), promoting and keeping their mobile devices updated.

Ikomobi, currently with a staff of 28 employees and offices in Lille and Lyon, comes to Barcelona with a view to opening up to the Spanish and international markets. The company intends to create a hub from which to manage its growth, thereby boosting the brand’s expansion process in Barcelona.

About Sdos

Sdos is a technology company dedicated to the provision of consulting and system development and integration. The company is specialized in the creation of native and multi-platform mobile solutions, the development of custom-made software and latest-generation Responsive Websites. In just a few years Sdos has managed to position itself as an important player in the ICT and mobile sector.

Sdos conducts its activity at the national and international level from its offices in Seville, Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza, Cambridge (UK) and Lima (Peru). The flexibility and tailoring of its services has resulted in Sdos being selected as a partner by public administrations and by industrial, service-related, telecommunications and consulting companies.

Sdos comes to Barcelona with the aim of firmly establishing itself in the mobile capital, where it has already engaged in groundbreaking projects like Mobile Ready, the City of Barcelona’s showcase of mobile products during the Mobile World Congress; and Artacces, an application that offers the disabled access to audiovisual content.

Republished with permission from Adriana Ribas, MWCB

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