MSC Software Acquires Free Field Technologies

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MSC Software acquires Belgian Free Field Technologies

MSC Software Corporation (Santa Clare, CA, USA) has acquired Free Field Technologies (Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium). Recognized as the leader in the acoustics and NVH simulation software markets, FFT is a global software company providing solutions which address acoustics and NVH engineering challenges in automotive, aerospace, consumer products and a broad range of other industries. Bringing FFT together with MSC’s existing NVH solutions family in MSC Nastran, positions MSC as a powerhouse to deliver robust acoustics and NVH solutions to customers worldwide.

FFT’s Actran is a single software product with features for modeling acoustic phenomena, including specialized options and modules for particular applications and industries, such as aero-acoustics, vibro-acoustics, and automotive NVH. Actran modules interface with most FEA structural analysis codes including MSC Nastran, ABAQUS™ and ANSYS™.

“Passenger comfort and increasing noise regulations are driving a rapid increase in the need for acoustic simulation technology in the automotive and aerospace and other industries. Further, perfecting customer pleasing sound is simply a must in consumer products,” said Dominic Gallello, President & CEO of MSC Software. “FFT is the best in the world at satisfying both of these needs and we are excited to bring these technologies to the MSC global user base and beyond. We are delighted to have such a talented team join MSC.”

“The acquisition by MSC aligns perfectly with our acoustics and NVH simulation vision,” said Jean-Louis Migeot, CEO and co-founder of FFT. “That vision has been to bring specialized simulation technology more broadly available to simulation engineers. Our goal is to enable our customers to fully realize the benefits of acoustics and NVH simulation within their product development processes, thereby enhancing their competitive advantage and product quality. Becoming part of MSC brings us significantly closer to that vision.”

“There is a unique match between the two company’s simulation technology and I am looking forward to the innovative solutions that we will be able to build by leveraging each other’s technology,” said Jean-Pierre Coyette, CTO and co-founder of FFT.

Product integration roadmaps are already being developed that will bring FFT technology together with MSC’s structural analysis solutions to deliver a comprehensive acoustics and NVH simulation platform.

FFT will be a wholly owned division of MSC Software with sales, support, and development offices remaining unchanged around the world. FFT will continue to operate from its Belgian, French, US, and Japanese offices and through its distributors around the world, while working closely with the MSC Software’s global development and sales organizations to deliver enhanced solutions to our diverse customers.

Source: MSC Software

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