Myth or Reality? 7 Tall Tales About Productivity

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TimeNo matter how long you’ve been at your job, you can probably attest to some moments of inefficiency, creative blocks, and an overall lack of productivity. Your boss may stand by the belief that early birds get more done and a coworker may tell you it’s wise to knock out busy work, like responding to emails, before tackling more challenging tasks, like planning an upcoming presentation. And when it comes to collaboration, some companies may believe frequent all hands meetings are the key to team productivity while others practice Steve Jobs’ philosophy: keep meetings small.

While each and every person has different work habits and experiences—for instance some people may work well under pressure—research suggests some common approaches to productivity aren’t as valid as we may think. The following infographic shares some of the most common productivity-related myths plus reasons why each isn’t true for everyone. Read on for corresponding strategies you can take to improve workplace productivity.

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Myth or Reality? 7 Tall Tales About Productivity
Infographic by Quill

Republished with permission from Ghergich & Co.

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