Demand Solutions

Demand Solutions is a global leader in the Supply Chain Planning software industry. Demand Solutions has been around for more than 25 years which has resulted in a strong reputation and a large number of successful and referenceable customers throughout the world. The global growth has been driven by a unique network of local Representatives (REPs).

“In Europe, our REP network had been U.K.-centric. The market opportunity warranted a more aggressive European expansion, and as we looked for assistance to increase our presence we turned to TBK Consult. TBK Consult worked with us to clarify and refine our expansion strategy and REP criteria, and then leveraged their network of consultants to jump-start our qualification and recruitment process. Our initial focus was on Italy and the Nordics, but we also expanded into Turkey and Eastern Europe. TBK Consult was a valuable partner to Demand Solutions in this effort.”

Bill Macdonald
Executive Vice President
Demand Solutions

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