HelpLine GmbH

PMCS.helpLine Software Group is a leading software supplier whose goal is to generate the greatest possible added value for organizations from the combination of innovative software and excellent service. The focus of our activity is on the optimization of processes so as to boost their quality and reduce costs.

“We have successfully been selling our software for IT Service Management in the German speaking markets for many years. We are currently looking at ways to grow further internationally.

We asked TBK to perform a market analysis of the Swedish market. We wanted to get a solid impression of the market demand for IT Service Management solutions. At the same time we needed to learn more about the competitive situation in Sweden.

TBK developed the questionnaire, identified the target audience and performed more than 100 interviews in Swedish. The detailed report that TBK put together gave us important insights into the Swedish market, which helped us prioritize our further efforts.

We can highly recommend TBK to other software companies that are looking to grow internationally.”

Matthias Zielke
Manager Business Development
HelpLine GmbH

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