Nolio Soft

Nolio Soft was founded in 2006 with goal of becoming a leading provider of Application Service Automation solutions for complex data center applications. Nolio’s vision is to enable IT and Web operations teams to automate all tasks needed to service applications while heightening application reliability, eliminating manual errors that cause downtime, and improving operational productivity.

Nolio was founded to enable enterprises and SMBs to automate Complex applications that have not been solved by infrastructure automation solutions that focus on rolling out repetitive tasks to homogeneous servers and network devices. Nolio’s solution’s ROI is expressed in increasing application uptime & speed provisioning time, and reduces operational costs.

We have chosen TBK Consult as a partner in optimizing our international go-to-market strategy and implementation. Their experience with similar projects and their worldwide company representation provides instant value to our globalization efforts. Using TBK Consult accelerated the market entry process and provided us within insight and connections we would have spend substantially more time establishing with our own efforts. We are already working with several TBK partners to promote our solution in multiple European markets.

Doron Gerstel
CEO and Board Member
Nolio Soft (acquired by CA)

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