Replica Sistemi

Replica Sistemi is a company specializing in the design and implementation of integrated software applications compatible with the most advanced Voice, RFID, Mobile and Satellite Geolocation technologies. Over 1.000 firms and more than 40,000 users in Italy and abroad have implemented Replica Sistemi’s solutions for the management of their logistics processes.

Replica Sistemi, the first Italian player to design and implement logistics applications, launched a Go-to-International expansion project building a network of VAR (Value Added Resellers).

“We engaged TBK Consult to take advantage of their knowledge of the software industry worldwide and accelerate the VAR recruitment and start-up process. After a joint analysis with TBK Consult consultants, we have chosen to start with Turkey because its growth-trend is higher than 10% as well as its presence in the Italian top-ten list of export destinations.
TBK submitted a list of qualified candidates and supported us through all the evaluation and negotiations, up to the successful closing of the Agreement.”

Luca Venturini
Export Manager

“I’m very satisfied with this agreement; it represents the very first step of our internationalization process. We are already planning new projects to export our skills and specialization to more markets.”

Lorenzo Guaschino

Replica Sistemi

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