Business Model Management

9,499.00 + VAT

Date: Dates are currently available from January 1st 2024.

Location:  The client provides the workshop facilities, including food, beverages and an appropriate room with a projector and whiteboards.

Description: A 2-day in-house workshop about Business Model Management with Hans Peter Bech. For business development, sales, marketing and other revenue generation professionals working with strategy definition, implementation, execution, and optimisation in the B2B software industry.

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The Instructor

Hans Peter Bech is an Amazon bestselling author. He is a frequent blogger on issues related to growing B2B software companies to global market leadership. Hans Peter facilitates workshops and provides business consulting and content production for his clients. He holds an M.Sc. in macroeconomics and political science from the University of Copenhagen.

The Challenges

Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Framework has been widely adopted in the software industry. However, although the framework seems simple, it is complicated to implement. Especially the analysis of the business model environment, without which any business model has little value, is often insufficient or neglected.

Objective and Outcome

The workshop will help you use the Business Model Framework to improve your competitive position in the market. It will help you identify key changes to increase growth and improve your ambition metrics.

At the end of the workshop, we will have developed and documented an action plan with items aimed at fixing your most critical issues.


The workshop is timeboxed to two days with two three-hour modules per day.


The agenda is client-specific. You will brief me on your situation, challenges, and objectives through one or more web meetings. I will draft the agenda based on your input and my independent research.

Number of Participants:  There is no limit on the number of participants. However, more than ten attendees are not recommended.

Language: English or Danish

Prerequisites: The workshop assumes experience with general business financial concepts such as revenue generation, cost of goods sold, operational expenses and return on investment considerations. Reading Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Generation before the workshop will be advantageous.

Logistics: The client provides the workshop facilities, including food, beverages and an appropriate room with a projector and whiteboards.

Workshop Fee (Europe): €9.499 + VAT where applicable. Includes all materials. The client provides training facilities and refreshments. Please inquire about prices for the workshop outside Europe.

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Start & Finish Times: Each day 09:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00