Revenue Generation: Facilitating the Buyers’ Journey

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Companies and individuals have changed the way they identify their most pressing opportunities and challenges, the way they outline the solution options and the way they find and choose the vendors to help them. This TBK Consult e-book discusses how this change in buying behavior should now be reflected in how information technology companies sell their products and services.

The e-book explains the new path for marketing and sales in the information technology industry and provides a step-by-step guide on how to make the transition.


Because of the massive amount of information and options available through the Internet most of us have changed the way we deal with our opportunities and challenges and the way we make purchase decisions”, says Hans Peter Bech, author of the e-book. “But it seems as though we forget these changes when we turn our hat around and perform marketing and sales activities. In this e-book, I explain that marketing and sales today must be a facilitation of the buyer’s journey long before the buyers enter the final mile of the buying process.  I also give the recipe for what these steps should include to secure high conversion rates and form scalable revenue generation models.