Coming in 2018: Going Global on a Shoestring

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Publishing date: December 2018

Going Global on a Shoestring – International Expansion in the IT-Industry on a Small Budget is written for entrepreneurs that understand the need for and the enormous potential offered by fast global growth, but need a framework for making it happen. The objective of the book is to provide a repository of ideas for how to start global expansion on a small budget, with only very few people and from a juvenile position in your domestic market.

Going Global on a Shoestring builds upon Alexander Osterwalder’s business model framework, Everett Rodgers “The Law of Diffusion of Innovation” principles, several selected case stories from the software industry and the author’s experience with growing information technology companies to global market leaders.


Companies that have business in foreign markets are worth much more than companies that only have customers domestically. Even just small export ratios can increase the value of a technology company more than ten times.

The barriers of entry for information technology entrepreneurs are small and decreasing. At the same time the potential for reaching global markets is very high and increasing.

This cocktail puts immense pressure on software-based companies because it makes the windows of opportunity steadily narrower.

It leaves you with basically only two options: Grow fast globally or die slowly locally.

People across the globe get the same ideas at the same time. She who manage to take the market first is awarded enormous advantage making it harder and harder for the laggards to keep up.

The author worked in several international sales and marketing positions from 1980 to 2001, and since then he has been helping primarily smaller technology companies planning and executing global growth.

Much has changed in the past 37 years since the author started his career as a sales trainee with Control Data Corporation, and the approaches for rapid revenue generation have changed accordingly taking advantage of the lean business development methods, the Internet, and social media. But some fundamental business principles have not and will never change. The book will help the reader understand these differences and provide inspiration for going global on a shoestring.

The book is the second in the series of “how to” books for executives in the software industry, the first being the bestseller “Building Successful Partner Channels”.


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