PROS Signs Global ISV Agreement with Microsoft Dynamics

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PROS joins forces with Microsoft

PROS joins forces with Microsoft

PROS(R) a world leader in pricing and revenue management software, have announced an extended relationship with Microsoft Corporation. The two companies have signed an agreement that adds PROS as a prestigious Microsoft Global Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Through the partnership, PROS is using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to develop big data applications that help sales teams increase their odds of profitably winning business. With PROS, sales teams are able to gain a market edge, protect margins from market volatility and capture the value they deserve for their products.

Doug Kennedy, vice president, Microsoft Dynamics Partners and Support Services

“Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed with the flexibility to meet the specific business needs of our customers,” said Doug Kennedy, vice president, Microsoft Dynamics partners and support services. “By combining its big data applications with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for large-enterprise customers in manufacturing, distribution, services and travel, PROS serves as an example of the innovation and added value our partners are offering customers.”

For more than 26 years, PROS has been developing big data applications, helping companies understand how customer behavior can translate into better sales effectiveness and performance.

John Salch, VP, Technology & Platforms, PROS

John Salch, VP, Technology & Platforms, PROS

“For our customers who invest in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we’re enhancing their experience by bringing data to the solution and making it accessible,” said John Salch, PROS vice president of technology and platforms. “We add our expertise to help companies and their sales teams sell more effectively and gain better value for their products and services. Sales teams are able to identify opportunities that will close, products that will sell and prices that will win.”


About PROS

PROS Holdings, Inc. is a leading provider of prescriptive pricing and revenue management software for companies in the manufacturing, distribution,       services and travel industries. PROS gives customers far greater confidence and agility in their pricing strategies by providing data-driven insights into transaction profitability, forecasting demand, recommending optimal prices for each product and deal, and streamlining pricing processes with enhanced controls and compliance. With more than $460 billion in revenues under management, PROS has implemented more than 500 solutions in more than 50 countries. The PROS team comprises more than 600 professionals, including 100 with advanced degrees and 25 with Ph.D.s.

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