ReadSoft Online enhanced with end-to-end AP automation and online storage capabilities

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ReadSoft AB (Helsingborg, Sweden) have announced it has complemented its well established cloud offering ReadSoft Online with new functionality that minimizes the workload for any Accounts Payable (AP) department.

ReadSoft Online enables companies of all sizes to save costs and increase efficiency, regardless if they run Microsoft Dynamics AX, Sage, NetSuite, or other major ERP systems. The combination of new workflow functionality, strong e-invoice support, and online storage of invoices creates a complete cloud-based solution for end-to-end accounts payable process. Either as a stand-alone solution or combined with ReadSoft partners’ offerings, the new ReadSoft Online takes AP automation to the next level.

The new capabilities in ReadSoft Online include master data integration, automatic coding suggestions, a rule book for triggering approval workflows, and more. With the introduction of online storage, ReadSoft Online continues on the path of bringing cloud benefits also to on-premise systems.


Dan Lundmark, Product Manager, ReadSoft Online

Dan Lundmark, Product Manager, ReadSoft Online

“With the new storage functionality we have a great tool to offer to our partners and customers. The possibility to access stored invoices images in ReadSoft Online is particularly crucial for on-premise systems, especially in distributed environments. This might sound like minor for some, but it is indeed a major enhancement for many systems not currently able to do this. This shows our commitment to secure that ReadSoft Online works flawlessly both with other cloud systems as well as on-premises solutions”, says Dan Lundmark, product manager for ReadSoft Online. “We are excited that ReadSoft Online can now provide the best possible ROI for companies looking for AP automation solutions, and broaden ReadSoft’s horizon outside of the SAP and Oracle segments where we are already leading the market with our on-premises solutions.”

ReadSoft Online is designed to help businesses streamline the invoice process by bringing the power of cloud computing to your fingertips. Users can start processing invoices immediately via PC, laptop or tablet, with minimal IT involvement and investment in additional hardware or software. With secured access to invoices in ReadSoft Online anywhere, anytime accounts payable process becomes faster and more cost-efficient.

Per Åkerberg, President and CEO, Readsoft

Per Åkerberg, President and CEO, Readsoft

“I am both delighted and exited to see how ReadSoft Online is continuing its journey and how rapidly this solution has provided value to our partners and our customers,” says Per Åkerberg, President and CEO of ReadSoft. Åkerberg continues; “ReadSoft has together with our unique partner network been able to deliver full AP automation solutions for many years for any ERP, delivering our own solutions for SAP and Oracle. We are now in a position to deliver full AP automation to any business regardless of ERP system together with our partners and independently where we do not have partner coverage. ReadSoft Online is an easily-deployed cloud-based solution that ReadSoft, as the market leader for AP automation with worldwide coverage, believes will drive the adoption rate for AP automation, speeding up maturity, which will consequently increase value for our customers and our partners.”

About ReadSoft Online
ReadSoft Online is a cloud-based service for processing invoices regardless of source and format (e.g. XML, email, paper, image, PDF) enabling businesses to minimize manual work, reduce process costs and have all the invoices immediately accessible on the web. Users can view the invoice image on screen and see detailed information, such as automatically interpreted invoice amounts, accounting information and more. The use of electronic images reduces paper waste and turnaround times, as it is no longer necessary to send hard copies via post or inter-office mail.

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