RushFiles appoints Morten Klank as new CEO

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Rushfiles file sharing service

Rushfiles file sharing service

RushFiles A/S, (Aarhus, Denmark) which in August launched a new innovative file sharing solution for businesses and thus took a stand against companies such as Dropbox and Box, gets a new CEO and chairman.

Following a highly successful launch of the company, there has been a need to share some of the many management tasks.  Therefore, creator and company founder, Martin Johansson, chose to focus his efforts on the company’s sales activities in the role of Sales Director.

Morten Klank, CEO, Rushfiles

Morten Klank, CEO, Rushfiles

The new CEO is the 37 year old Morten Klank who comes from a position as Director of Business Development at Nianet A/S and who before that headed the company Fuzion A/S (Børsen gazelle 4 years in a row).

Along with the change of CEO, Denmark’s leading IT lawyer, Hanne Bender, joins the company’s board of directors as chairman.

“It is amazing how well a start RushFiles has had, and we have an exciting period ahead of us, especially when RushFiles will be introduced on the big international market this spring,” says Hanne Bender. “Therefore, we believe it is important that Martin – with his experience in international sales – should focus on the company’s sales activities.”

RushFiles A/S was founded in August 2012 by Martin Johansson who discovered a great need for corporate employees and partners to easily and securely access corporate data from a computer, iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices. So far, this type of data sharing has primarily been possible through cloud solutions that are – rightly – considered unsafe by many IT specialists.

With RushFiles, businesses get a real opportunity to offer employees an easy and secure way to access company files from computers and mobile devices, without the use of Cloud or VPN.

Today, 5 months after the launch, RushFiles A/S employs 14 persons in Denmark, Macedonia and Ukraine and more new colleagues are expected to join the young company in 2013.

Source: Rushfiles

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