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SPMThe approach of Samsung SDS, a subsidiary of the biggest Korean corporation, Samsung, can be seen as a model for companies that plan to move from a service-oriented business model to a product model. Samsung SDS have introduced the role of software product manager (SPM) to strengthen the product business and to establish SPM as change agents in the transition process.

This training, including ISPMA certification, is also available through TBK Academy. The next public 3-day training will take place in Copenhagen from 1-3 September, 2014. It is based on the new release of ISPMA’s foundation level syllabus that was published earlier this year and includes additional new contents on ecosystem management and user experience design among other improvements. It is targeted at software product managers and other people with a software background from companies of any size that develop and sell software products or software-intensive products and services.

Says Vice President Giyeong Son, “Based on a thorough worldwide market analysis for trainings on software product management, Samsung SDS selected the ISPMA approach and Hans-Bernd Kittlaus as training provider. The results of the 10-day training exceeded our high expectations. This training has proven to be a major step in Samsung SDS’ efforts to extend our software product business.“

After last year’s successful training, Hans-Bernd Kittlaus is conducting two more training sessions for Samsung SDS through the second half of 2014.

The SPM training is based on the ISPMA syllabus

The SPM training is based on the ISPMA syllabus

Product managers in software companies are faced with the challenging task of ensuring that their company’s products meet the requirements of their customers and of the market. Since software has become increasingly pervasive in most industries, participants can come from all industries both from product organizations and corporate IT organizations that look at their software applications more and more from a product perspective.

As Lars Hedal, CEO of the Danish Hedal Kruse Brohus A/S, said after attending a previous training, “The SPM training provided a perfect framework, which we can apply right away. I am taking a list of to-do’s with me home and will start executing tomorrow.“

The new syllabus from the ISPMA can be downloaded via the TBK Academy website.

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