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Skype for Windows Phone

At the Mobile World Congress in February, Skype launched their Skype for Windows Phone in Beta app.

Now Skype are releasing an official version of the Skype for Windows Phone app, which is now available in the Windows Phone Marketplace. You can also get the app directly from your Windows Phone.

With the Windows app, you can use Skype on almost any screen; computers and laptops, smartphones, tablets and connected TVs.

Skype for Windows Phone is available for use on 4G, 3G and WIFI networks. Skype makes connecting with friends, family and businesses affordable. The basic package allows for free call and video chat; upgrading packages allows for multiple video conferencing, group chats and more.

Some new features for the app include video calling in portrait mode and friend management capabilities including invite, accept invitations, block, and unblock contacts.

Skype for Windows Phone is available in 18 languages, including Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Dutch. Skype for Windows Phone can be downloaded free of charge directly from the Windows phone.

Skype has also tested and certified the following Windows Phone to help ensure the best performance:

• Nokia Lumia 710
• Nokia Lumia 800
• Nokia Lumia 900
• HTC Titan
• HTC Radar
• Samsung Focus S
• Samsung Focus Flash

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