Tableau Software to Expand into Asia

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Tableau Software

Tableau Software

Tableau Software, (Seattle, WA, USA) a global leader in rapid-fire business intelligence software, have announced it has opened an office in Singapore with plans to expand throughout the Asia Pacific region in response to market demands for its award-winning software. Technology industry veteran and Tableau’s new Asia Pacific leader JY Pook has joined industry pioneers, including a founding father of Pixar animation studios, on a mission to revolutionize visual analytics in the Asia Pacific region.

Tableau, another in the prestigious line-up of Stanford spin-offs, including Google, Yahoo and VMWare, is rebooting the business intelligence sector. It has already helped more than 7,000 organizations, such as Barclays, Citigroup, CommonwealthBank, China Eastern Airlines, eBay, Ray White Group, Time Warner and Walt Disney Company transform the way they see, use and interact with the data that defines their business. Tableau Asia Pacific, which includes South East Asia, India, China, Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, forms a key part of their strategy to expand the global customer base.

Pook, who has extensive experience in decision management and predictive analysis in Asia Pacific, will oversee the expansion. He had successfully and consistently built businesses in these solution areas into strong market-leading positions regionally. His plan for Tableau includes building a team, increasing education and passion for the software, accelerating revenue in the region and opening new high-growth markets with local language versions of Tableau products.

Christian Chabot, CEO, Tableau Software

Christian Chabot, CEO, Tableau Software

“Tableau’s expansion into Asia Pacific is about ushering business analytics into a golden era of fast, easy self-service analytics for everyone,” said Christian Chabot, CEO and co-founder of Tableau Software. “As the regional hub, Singapore offers great talent, a fantastic business infrastructure and is ideally located as we bring localized products to market.”

Tableau Software offers lightning-fast business analytics and visualization products that are simple, effective and affordable. Its software designers take a completely fresh approach to developing their tools, by first understanding how people think, explore and problem-solve and then designing the tools from these cognitive and psychological starting points.

JY Pook, Tableau Software

JY Pook, VP, Tableau Asia Pacific

“Businesses are faced with a growing onslaught of data and are always looking for ways to better understand and communicate this,” said Pook. “Tableau finally makes it possible for anyone to create powerful and transformational images that are interactive and easy to use. The visuals can bring to life, with just one glance, the health of business or showcase an industry trend. Most importantly, the time to intelligence is rapid quick.”

In addition to its paid enterprise solutions, Tableau Software has a free web product called Tableau Public, commonly used by bloggers, journalists, and leading media websites to share data online as interactive visualizations.

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