The magical 10 minutes – part 2

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Alignment check in 10 minutes

How long does it take to check if your management team is pulling and pushing in the same direction?

10 minutes!

This is the second post in a series of 6 blog posts explaining how you can check alignment in your management team in just 10 minutes.  We will also show you examples of the outcome in various software companies.

Asking each individual member of you management team (including yourself) to consider and answer 3 groups of questions provides the alignment gap.

The first blog post dealt with prioritizing the 6 sources for financial growth.

This post deals with assessing the competitive environment.

Ask each individual member of you management team to assign A, B, C, D or E to each of the following 4 questions:


Don’t be surprised when your management team shows completely different perceptions of your market situation.  It happens all the time.

The next post is about defining your customer value proposition.

This series of blog posts on alignment uses concepts from the ValuePerform strategy framework.

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