Unwired Nation™ Joins the Rackspace® Partner Program

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Unwired joins Rackspace

Unwired joins Rackspace

Unwired Nation, (Austin, TX. USA) the mobile-apps-as-a-service company, has announced it has joined the Rackspace (San Antonio, TX. USA) Partner Program to help its SaaS customers deliver native mobile applications.

Unwired Nation offers a great value-add to the thousands of SaaS companies who are today faced with the challenge of providing native mobile applications to the hundreds or thousands of customers that leverage their SaaS offering under each customer’s brand. Unwired Nation’s technology and services solve this multi-brand mobile app problem with a fast, repeatable, affordable process to move any web application to cross platform mobile apps, removing the complexities of the web-to-mobile-app transition for SaaS providers.

Christopher Rajiah, VP, Rackspace

Christopher Rajiah, VP, Rackspace

“Unwired Nation’s platform and services offer SaaS customers a path to mobile for their own customers that is both affordable and efficient,” said Christopher Rajiah, vice president of worldwide channel sales for Rackspace. “Unwired Nation helps to drastically reduce the time-to-market and expense of delivering the feature-rich, uniquely branded native app instances their customers demand. Rackspace is excited Unwired Nation joined the Rackspace Partner Program in an effort to address this growing market.”

Rackspace has long worked with SaaS companies that have thousands of customers leveraging their hosting and cloud offerings. Through its “mobile apps from your cloud” offering, Unwired Nation provides SaaS customers with a unique solution to address their mobile needs, while empowering SaaS companies with the scaling capability required to provide uniquely branded mobile apps in the app stores for each of their customers.

“SaaS companies have been forced to sit on the sidelines up to this point when it comes to mobile app initiatives,” said Unwired Nation founder Stacey Zuniga. “When you are a web software company with hundreds to thousands of customers, each with your solution branded for them, expecting the time and cost efficiencies of SaaS, and now all asking to get a mobile version of their app in the app stores while keeping with their unique brand, you are pretty much stuck. There is no technical tool that can magically solve the scaling problem. This is the business problem we have solved and we are proud to work with Rackspace to offer scalable solutions for these customers.”

About Unwired Nation:
Based in Austin, TX and founded in 2004, Unwired Nation delivers 100% mobile certainty. With a consistent focus on mobile infrastructure, Unwired Nation helps companies to transition from web apps to mobile applications in a rapid and scalable way using its platform, literally delivering cross platform mobile applications in hours. Unlike expensive custom design shops and digital agencies, Unwired Nation focuses on affordable, scalable, repeatable business functions that need to be in mobile app form.

Source: Unwired Nation

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