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Tudor Ventures and Intel Capital invest USD 20M in ArcSoft

ArcSoft (Fremont, CA, USA), a software provider of multimedia technologies and applications across desktop, mobile and embedded platforms,, announced that Intel Capital, Intel’s global investment organization and Tudor Ventures, an internationally diversified investment management firm, has invested a combined $20M in ArcSoft to accelerate and expand development efforts for its advanced multimedia and embedded imaging technologies and software applications, with an eye toward emerging computing and entertainment platforms.

ArcSoft offers integrated software solutions to both consumers and OEM Manufacturers across smart phones, feature phones, tablets, PCs, smart TVs, and cameras. ArcSoft has built a portfolio of system-optimized camera solutions, multimedia frameworks, middleware, core modules, and products for imaging and multimedia applications in embedded, PC, and server platforms. ArcSoft continuously invests in development of future technologies, including 3D Re-construction, 3D UI, Human Face Process and Recognition and Body and Gesture Recognitions.

”The funding we’ve received from Intel Capital and Tudor will drive core technical advancements and develop innovative products for smart phones, tablets, PCs and other smart digital consumer electronics devices,” said Michael Deng, Founder and CEO of ArcSoft. “By investing in ArcSoft, Intel Capital and Tudor have become strategically aligned with us to help develop and deploy next-generation imaging and multimedia solutions for both the after-market and OEM market segments.”

“Intel is interested in enabling compelling user experience that utilizes the capabilities of our leading microprocessors. ArcSoft’s suite of multimedia applications enables this on Intel platforms,” said Mooly Eden, Vice President and General Manager of PC Client Group at Intel Corporation.

“ArcSoft has demonstrated the proven ability to gain top-tier OEM customers and partners making ArcSoft software critical to the success of devices based on Google’s Android operating system,” said Dan MacKeigan, Partner at Tudor Ventures. “The company has an exceptional track record and management team, and we are delighted at the prospect of supporting their expansion strategies.”

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