Microsoft Dynamics 365 – the Perfect Platform for Digital Transformation in the Mid-market 


Today, essentially all markets are affected by information technology. The only difference to my book example (described in the whitepaper) is that mid-market enterprises cannot and will never individually be able to put the full technology stack together and use it to lift the customer experience to the highest possible level. And if they don’t, they will lose to insurgents that do.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the platform that enables SMBs to undertake digital transformation within budgets they can afford.


The target audiences for this whitepaper are:

  • Entrepreneurs looking for large and fast-growing markets with recognized and compelling needs
  • Providers of legacy business software solutions with a need for upgrading or migrating to a contemporary platform
  • Current Microsoft Dynamics VARs and ISVs considering ways to expand their business


We are approaching one of the great inflection points in time where information technology-based solutions have matured to a level where they can deliver new and compelling value to meet recognized needs of mid-market companies[1].

The steadily falling prices on computer capacity, the accumulated investments in standard software products and the introduction of the cloud-based as-a-service delivery format have made advanced information technology available to the mid-market. Under the headline digital transformation these advanced technologies have the potential to dramatically increase the productivity of mid-market enterprises, while the steady expansion of the world wide web (51.5 per cent of the global population or 3.2 billion people) has enabled them to expand and grow beyond their domestic territories.

Despite the increased availability of advanced software tools, the declining prices and the improved user-friendliness, digital transformation remains an ongoing activity that requires support from specialists that the typical mid-market enterprise cannot attract and justify on her payroll.

This whitepaper explains that exactly this intersection of technology and needs represents a yet untapped business potential for entrepreneurs that can translate software technologies into a tangible business advantage and that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the perfect platform for executing such an ambition.

[1]With the term “mid-market” I refer to companies with between 10 and 10.000 employees. Please note that a market segmentation for strategy purposes requires many more parameters and the number of employees may not be the most important variable.