The Microsoft Dynamics Ecosystem Must Win More Customers


The good news is that across all industries and for all types of challenges facing this planet, software constitutes a huge portion of the answer. Activities such as producing more with less, improving customer satisfaction, reducing customer acquisition and retention cost and developing new products and services will require more and more software. Software creeps into all corners of human activity. It’s called Digital Transformation.

The bad news is that the appetite and demand for bespoke development is diminishing. The increasing competitive pressure, the pace of change combined with the rising cost and shortage of qualified talent makes companies and institutions, small and big, prefer standard building blocks. The shift is accentuated by the software industry’s response by offering more and more such standard building blocks with increasing configurability, at lower prices and faster availability.

Bespoke development and in-app customization will not go away, but the market growth is elsewhere.



Target Audience

The target audiences for this whitepaper are current Microsoft Dynamics Value-Added Resellers, Independent Software Vendors and Systems Integrators considering ways to expand their business and take advantage of the changes in the market.


Microsoft Dynamics ecosystems partners need to up their customer acquisition and revenue generation capabilities. The time where a partner could live comfortably off one or two handfuls of customers are coming to an end. At a time where the ratio between software and professional services revenue is changing, pushing the partners to sell more software to compensate, the cash flow profile of software revenue is also changing, emphasizing the need for substitution in the same direction even further.

The whitepaper argues that revenue generation is a business process just like product development, project management and logistics. The major difference is that the progress, as well as the outcome of the process, depends on people over whom we exercise no control. If you are not happy with the outcome of your revenue generation efforts, you should look at the processes first before looking at the people. You should also be prepared to do a lot of testing and remember to have a reasonable dataset before you make any firm conclusions.

The whitepaper outlines how to change the business model from mainly relying on existing customers to a model capable of winning new customers.