Planning is Cheap – Execution is Expensive


Do you have strong urge to get something done?

Is planning boring and useless?

When I click the seatbelt on my morning flight to see a client, then I am convinced that the airline does not have the “Just do it!” mentality. I am sure they have plans and contingency plans for what should and could happen until I am safely on the ground again. I am confident that they have the “Think!” mentality introduced by IBM in 1911 (a couple of times IBM became convinced that they could predict or control the world and paid dearly for such hubris).




Just do it!

That is the catchy payoff used by Nike.

For most people venturing into sports that may not be the best advice to follow. Yes, you should indeed start today, but do it according to a plan, or you may end up with severe injuries that will only delay the whole effort and postpone the results you wanted in the first place.

In business, we also often find the “Just do it!” mentality. As no plan of activities will survive the meeting with reality then why bother planning. Let’s just do something and see what happens. We can adjust the course as we learn what works.

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