TESISQUARE® is included in Gartner’s Report on Supply Chain Visibility Software

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One more Italian excellence in Cloud software solutions. TESISQUARE® (Bra, Italy) is the only Italian company included in the first edition of Gartner’s Market Guide for Supply Chain Visibility Software.

TESISQUARE® is one of 32 global companies included by Gartner for software solutions in Supply Chain Visibility cloud-based services. The Italian company designed and created TESI TC1, a collaborative logistics platform with multi-functionality in visibility and control, and the extended system consisting of TESI SCM and TESI TMS for supply chain management and transportation.

TESISQUARE® is one of the twelve European companies, as well as the only Italian one, included in this first edition of the Market Guide for Supply Chain Visibility Software, published by Gartner on February 27 2014.

Tesisquare President & CEO Mr. Giuseppe Pacotto

Tesisquare President & CEO Mr. Giuseppe Pacotto

“We believe this is a very significant achievement – said Giuseppe Pacotto, CEO at TESISQUARE® – that Gartner has recognized our company among the most innovative in Italy and in the world in the field of supply chain; we feel that is the motivation for further achievements and awards, which we hope will come soon”.

Started in early 2011, the TESI TC1 network now includes more than 2,000 Manufacturers (above all multinational corporations), 800 Logistics Service Providers operating at international level, and 60 Distribution Centers among international retailers. TESISQUARE® also offers products such as TESI SCM – the solution designed to improve the supply chains governance and effectiveness – and TESI TMS -the system for transportation planning, cost control and efficiency, which counts over 250 installations among important customers and integrate about 5,000 counterparties.

Along with TESI TC1, these products widen the entire offering to manage “one to many” and “many to many” in supply chain visibility and collaboration, and represent the peak software in the international market for TESISQUARE® International (TESI international BV).

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