Happy New Year to the Software Industry

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TBK Consult BarcelonaThe picture above was taken at our semi-annual Synergy Conference in Barcelona in November 2013. From the left standing: Mathias WassénLuc VanbecelaereErdogan LakGianmaria OdelloCarl SavageKai LemkeSteen HelmerChristophe Alves. From the left sitting: Wagner MollHans Peter BechEmma CrabtreeManuel Moreira CunhaLeon Rubinstein. Not present were: Fikret IdilMarion Weidenhausen, Jan de BlanckJakub PolkowskiNicola AngelinaAlain van HoveHoward TongePaul SolskiEva SachseChaim Oren.

The TBK Consult team wish our clients, partners and all our readers a Happy New Year.

2013 was a very successful year for TBK Consult. We added new partners in Spainthe UKPortugalBelgium,France and Russia and we extended our client base in Europe and in the USA.

The TBK Consult blog received more than 750.000 visitors in 2013. The objectives for 2014 is becoming even more relevant for our target audience (software company executives) and grow our reach to more than a million visitors.

We started blogging in 2010. From July 2011 we began publishing five times a week. We bring news and content, which we believe are of interest to software industry executives. The growth in readership indicates that we are on the right track.

Expectations for 2014

We are management consultants serving the software industry. Our core competence is helping our clients grow faster than their competitors and get on the trajectory to market leadership.

Crystal BallWe expect that the software industry will continue to grow at a very high pace. The software industry is not a mature industry. There are only very few big players such as Microsoft, SAP and Oracle. Most of the companies in the software industry are small and medium sized companies with tremendous growth potential. The ability to release the potential is entirely related to the capabilities of the management teams.

The software industry is a green house for new companies and location is becoming increasingly irrelevant. The USA will continue to grow its’ market share, but only because the American entrepreneur is more ambitious, because English is the dominating language in the industry and because more than 1.5 billion people in the world are prepared to do business in English. As soon as other nations figure out how to stimulate entrepreneurship and ambitions, then globally successful software companies can be started anywhere.

The software industry is also the home for new ways of working. Many software companies have dropped the physical offices and operate with virtual teams located all over the world working together through web based collaboration platforms. The software industry has the potential of creating truly global companies and value chains where national interests are of little relevance.

We hope and expect that many more software companies will take advantage of the global market opportunities and make the benefits of their software and services available to customers all over the world.

We are here to help make that happen.

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