Microsoft has always been focused on making tools and frameworks available for the software development community. Today, Microsoft software is now a core component of millions of software solutions addressing a diverse set of needs across a number of industries all over the world. Software companies that make products based on Microsoft technology are called Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). In order to help these ISVs grow their business, Microsoft has recently launched a website (Smart Partner Marketing) with recommendations and tutorials for structured business development.

In addition to the expanded set of resources, tools and videos, the website will also provide some of TBK Consult’s articles, videos and whitepapers on channel development.

“We are always looking for new and innovative ways to help our partners grow their business. Many of our ISVs can benefit from selling though resellers, and this new website offers a number of great resources and tools to help our ISV community successfully grow their businesses.”

Jennifer Tomlinson
Sr. Marketing Manager

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