Appurify raises $4.5m in new funding round

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Appurify raise $4.5m from Google

Appurify raise $4.5m from Google

Appurify, (San Francisco, CA, USA) creator of the first complete debugging, performance optimization and continuous integration testing platform for mobile apps, announced that it has secured $4.5M in Series A funding led by Google Ventures, and $6.25M in total funding including their seed round.

Appurify’s other investors include Foundation Capital, Felicis Ventures, Radar Partners, the Webb Investment Network, Data Collective and several angels with deep experience in the mobile technology space, including Jay Jamison, Raymond Tonsing, Pavan Nigam, David Auerbach and others.

Founded in early 2012, Appurify directly solves the challenges that developers face in debugging and testing their mobile apps. Appurify’s farm of real mobile devices provides an end-to-end solution for automatically optimizing, testing and debugging mobile apps. Their platform provides live access to real, fully-configurable, iOS and Android devices in the cloud, accompanied by powerful first-of-their-kind runtime debugging and testing tools. Several enterprise companies have deployed Appurify in private beta, and Appurify will release to public beta later this year.

“Mobile application development is broken today,” said Manish Lachwani, Appurify’s CTO and Co-founder. “Developers need to cater to a fragmented OS market, a constantly growing array of devices, and consumers who expect apps to perform perfectly in a variety of device conditions (for example, spotty networks, any location, low memory situations due to apps running in the background). Current mobile development tools do not address this complexity. As a result, developers are forced to manually test their apps, which is a slow, cumbersome and an incomplete process that fails to create reproducible bugs or test real user conditions. Appurify solves this problem by offering an unmatched mobile automation platform that hooks directly into the development process. We short circuit the development-test gap and provide real time feedback during app development.”

Mobile App testing by Appurify

Mobile App testing by Appurify

Appurify fundamentally changes mobile development in five ways:

First, Appurify brings developers the best of both automation and continuous integration testing for mobile. The flexible platform supports any existing automated testing framework for both iOS and Android.

Second, Appurify’s cloud enables developers to debug and test under real-world conditions. This includes carrier, network technology (4G LTE, 3G, 2G, EDGE, GPRS, WiFi), signal strength, available memory, geographic location, orientation, and much more.

Third, developers receive clear reports that arm them with the actionable data they need to fix bugs and crashes, improve client and server side performance, optimize load times, and decrease application lag.

Fourth, Appurify provides runtime debuggers that brings mobile debugging to par with what exists for the web and the PC world.

Finally, a simple Appurify SDK allows manual interaction with apps to be converted to automated test cases, allowing companies to rapidly build out their automation test libraries.

The Appurify solution has resonated with the mobile community. “Almost every customer we’ve spoken to has been looking to move away from manual testing toward continuous automated testing on real devices. Appurify’s technology makes this easy, and addressing this market need has led to success in raising two rounds of funding in less than a year, building a top-notch engineering team, and doubling our enterprise revenue month after month,” said Jay Srinivasan, Appurify’s CEO and Co-founder.

Appurify’s solution works equally well for native apps, hybrid and HTML5 apps, and mobile browsers. Guy Podjarny, CTO of the Web BU at Akamai, said, “Appurify’s tech makes testing and tuning apps and websites on mobile devices dramatically easier, while remaining cost effective and thus accessible to a very broad developer community.” Abe Elias, CTO and Founder of Sencha, said, “HTML5 is a massively capable mobile platform. But to build great apps efficiently on any platform, developers need great tools. And we love that Appurify is releasing a device debugging and testing solution that developers using our powerful Sencha Touch framework really need.”

Appurify will use its recent funding to further the deployment of its technology and expand its sales and marketing resources to accelerate customer adoption and support.

About Appurify

Appurify is on a mission to deliver the next generation of testing and debugging tools for mobile developers. Founded in early 2012 by mobile developers who were frustrated with the lack of effective tools built for the demands of mobile, Appurify recently closed a $4.5M Series A round, and a total of $6.25M in total funding. Appurify is located in San Francisco, CA.

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