Guest Bloggers Wanted

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Are you a blogger or do you aspire to become one?

Would you like to reach an audience of business development, sales, and marketing people in the information technology industry worldwide?

Then guest blogging on the TBK Consult blog may be to your benefit.

Provide value to the reader

We do understand that you blog for a reason and that the objective of your blogging activity is to encourage your readers to engage with you commercially at some point in the future. The readers also understand that. But our blog is not a commercial billboard. Each blog post must be able to stand alone and provide value to the reader.

It’s not only a policy – it is also good practice. Readers want to learn something. They want insight and knowledge that they can apply to improve their personal productivity and market value, without too much clicking around and without having to provide anything in exchange. That may seem unfair, but the balance comes from the long tail and from the volume of impressions you make. It is business development, sales, and marketing fundamentals. It takes a certain amount of exposure to create a lead. It takes a certain amount of leads to create a potential customer. And it takes a certain amount of potential customers to win a paying client. Understand which role blogging plays in your customer acquisition process. Be patient, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Blogging is an endurance sport, not a sprint.

Giving the reader an option to sign up for a newsletter or to download an e-book is perfectly OK. Including a “call-to-action” opportunity is something all marketers understand and appreciate.

If you agree with our practice and principles, then drop me an email with a sample of what you have in store for us.

What can you blog about?

Basically, you can blog about anything that is relevant to business development, sales, and marketing people in the information technology industry worldwide. Read some of the blog posts that we have published and you will get a good idea.

But be careful with going for vanity metrics.

Don’t write what thousands of other bloggers already cover and don’t write to too broad an audience. You may get many views and likes, but your conversion rates will suck. Find a niche and build your reputation there.

How does it work?

If we like what you write then you will be added as a contributor on our blog. You will do your writing directly in the WordPress editor including adding pictures, illustrations, and the featured image and selecting categories, tagging, SEO optimization and a target publication date. When done, you submit to the workflow. Our editor will do the spell checking, add a disclaimer and submit the post to the publication pipeline.

Then we will publish it.

OBS: We will review your post before publication to ensure that it does provide value to the readers and that it adheres to the look & feel of the blog. We may return the post to you with suggestions for changes.

Send me a sample post if you are interested. It may be a post that you have already published elsewhere. If it’s a good post that fits our concept, then we will happily re-publish.

We are listed on Izidio as a guest friendly blog.






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