Projectplace releases upgrade

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Projectplace Document Sharing

Projectplace Document Sharing

The upgrade to the interactive project management site Projectplace cements its position as the leading collaborative project management tool.

Projectplace is a virtual meeting room designed to enhance the experience of team project work. It combines the structure of a project meeting with aspects of social media, creating an “always on” communication and project overview environment in which all stakeholders can share documents, project objectives and give feedback about the job.

Following its groundbreaking launch in 1998, the updates presented in June this year are a part of an ongoing commitment of its creators to tailor the program to user’s needs. Projectplace is an ultimately intuitive environment, in which the human element is an essential component, eclipsing its fundamental function as a scheduling, agenda or task management system. The June upgrade reflects the need for online tools to mimic human qualities, such as creating a consistent presence of collaborators, a project moral-monitoring widget, a bigger and tidier personal workspace and the nurturing the value of each collaborator with an interactive timeline, open to everyone.

The new Projectplace successfully eliminates the geography of cross-organisational projects and breaks down the hierarchy between stakeholders. The constant presence, or “always on” capacity of Projectplace acts like an open office door or a perpetual meeting room, facilitating communication in a way simple email could never do. The open collaboration character of Projectplace makes it ideal for the complex nature of creative projects, where the divisions between administration and creativity can be stifling in the real world. It gives back the sociability that is relatively absent in the virtual office domain, and unifies all collaborators in the same space.

The social aspect of the new Projectplace is the propulsion for your project’s success. The social function engages the users, leveling the playing field between stakeholders, and of course, helps to create an open and happy working environment.  At the same time, the June makeover also reinforces the call to action stimulus for the users, with a clear action board that is the ultimate purpose of the Projectplace manager, to get the work done in the most efficient and effective way possible.

The success of Projectplace can be conclusively attributed to its user- friendly interface and flexibility. The June relaunch further increases its usability with apps for Android, iphone and ipad. The clean design of Projectplace works equally beautifully on smaller devices, with the uncluttered and well-organised workspace reinforcing the feeling that your project is streamlined and stress-free. Projectplace solicits commitment and engagement from its users, with easy visual snapshots of project progress and the invitation to comment and interact with collaborators with every tool. While bringing a tam together, Projectplace also adapts to the preferences of an individual by offering a choice of views within a framework where everything you need is one click away. It’s an uncomplicated, fast and accessible workspace, with a lot of fresh air.

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